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Patrick S. Duncan better known as "The Preacher Man" was born and raised in the small town of Sylvester, GA. A close-knit community nestled in the heart of Southwest Georgia, just about three hours from Atlanta. At age 13, he began writing and realized his unique ability to craft sentimental and thought-provoking poetry, spoken word, and slam. With time and experience, he perfectly understood that words have the power to construct or destruct and made an unrelenting commitment to use his words wisely. Now a renowned Poet and Inspirational Speaker, Patrick S. Duncan's oral art has touched thousands around the world. His most recent Poetry CD "What's Going On" merges Patrick's diverse, powerful messages with a mixture of hypnotizing and electrifying sounds to create an impressive masterpiece that should be heard and appreciated by listeners of all ages. Patrick's love and passion to create extend beyond the stage. When he is not in front of the audience he is busy helping others get exposure with his new television show "Word Play". A show spotlighting upcoming poets and Spoken Word artists currently airing on Black On Purpose TV. His mission is to use his words so eloquently that they provoke the spiritual, mental, and emotional mindset of listeners to transform their thoughts and actions.

The What's Going On Poetry CD

Poet, Inspirational Speaker, and Producer

"Words have the power to construct or destruct. Use your words wisely" ~ Patrick S. Duncan

    Watch Patrick’s Poetry Show “WordPlay” here!
  • Tevia “The Evangelist” Wiggins

    Preacher is a wonderful orator and an awesome poet! This is a great CD. Its enlightening, its inspiring and motiviates you to look at the world around you more critically. If you are at all concerned about your view of yourself and depiction in society today, this is a CD you need to have! Preach on, Preacher!!

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